Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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Vince Gray isn’t the only candidate in the Ward 7 race who’s mad at the Washington Post. The former mayor has refused interviews with Post reporters over the paper’s coverage of the 2010 shadow campaign, but now he has company in the form of rival (and incumbent) Yvette Alexander,

Alexander is steamed over a Saturday Post story by Aaron C. Davis. The article on about June 10 fundraising totals that showed her falling behind Gray. In the three months covered by the new reports, Gray raised more than $100,000, while Alexander raised just over $70,000.

The lackluster fundraising figures were the latest in a string of bad news for Alexander. But in an email blast to supporters sent out on Monday, Alexander’s campaign assured them that the Post had it all wrong. Instead, Alexander’s email trumpets, she’s raised “raised more than twice the amount of money raised by Gray.”

“Some people just can’t add and Aaron Davis, a reporter with the Washington Post, is clearly one of those people,” Alexander’s email blast reads. “Since the Kick-Off of my campaign I have raised $174,940.00—Aaron Davis wrote I’d only collected $70,000 making his calculation off by 150%.” 

What’s odd here is that there’s nothing wrong with Davis’ article. The Post compared fundraising totals over three months; Alexander wants the paper to use her fundraising total for the entire campaign instead.

The three-month figure is probably more appropriate for gauging fundraising success, since Alexander has been in the race nearly five months longer than Gray. Even over the entire campaign, though, Gray has outraised Alexander by nearly $10,000—$184,781.22 for Gray, compared to $174,940.00 for Alexander.

Considering all that, it seems like Alexander’s beef shouldn’t be with the Post, but with her own staffers’ mathematical skills.

Given that Gray has outraised Alexander by both metrics, it’s hard to gauge where Alexander’s blanket claim that she has raised “more than twice the amount of money” comes from. (Alexander didn’t respond to LL’s request for comment). As best LL can tell, it comes from Alexander’s claim that she has raised twice as much in Ward 7 than Gray has.