Credit: Smithsonian National Zoo

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Step aside, Bei Bei: The National Zoo has another cute furry creature on the way—expected to be born this September.

Batang the 19-year-old Bornean orangutan is pregnant, zoo officials announced in a Facebook live video on Tuesday afternoon. Hers will be the first baby orangutan at the Smithsonian facility in a quarter century. She’s 22 weeks along, out of a typical 35-week gestation period for Bornean orangutans. (The sex of the baby was not announced.)

“She’s more reluctant to get up in the morning,” a zookeeper explained. “We’ve definitely seen some attitude changes.”

Who’s the lucky father? Nineteen-year-old male Kyle. But it looks like there could be some drama in the primate house.

“Sometimes Kyle is bold and playful and full of energy,” the zoo says on its website. “At other times he prefers snuggling up to his favorite orangutan friend, Bonnie. He loves to play in water, craves attention from all of the other orangutans, and enjoys his favorite pastime—picking on Batang!”

Uh oh!