Credit: Michael Andrade

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There comes a time for many rock musicians when they get, well, bored of playing rock music. There’s only so many chord progression combinations and melodies you can think of before you start repeating yourself, essentially writing the same song in different ways over and over. The world of experimental music offers a state of repose for musicians; freed of the conventions of songwriting, you can harness the power of improvisation and noise to make ethereal sonic soundscapes. But experimental music can also be unlistenable bullshit; harsh noise and distortion that’s displeasing every which way you listen to it.  

“Experimental Music,” a new unreleased tune from Chain & The Gang, is a kind of cheeky love letter to both of those interpretations. In the song’s music video, Ian Svenonius sings “Experimental music throws out all the rules of society / Yeah, they don’t care about tune or melody / They care about being free” as a hooded Francy Z Graham makes noise through a rats nest of tangled wires, pedals, synths, and other tools of the trade. It looks ridiculous (putting duct tape over the synth, making tape loops, etc.) but if you’ve ever been to a noise show, it’s a pretty accurate depiction of what’s happening.