Credit: PBS

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Ebullient T.V. personality Tom Bergeron couldn’t save PBS from criticism last night when the network aired its annual Fourth of July celebration—featuring fireworks from the past.

Viewers noticed something was off when footage during the pyrotechnic portion of the broadcast depicted clear skies on an otherwise cloudy night, and scaffolding on the U.S. Capitol building that has since been removed. At the end of Tchaikovsky‘s 1812 Overture, PBS showed a clip of fireworks near the Washington Monument, beneath purplish hues.

On social media, the network acknowledged its controversial collage toward the conclusion of ceremonies:

Later on, it apologized “for any confusion this may have caused.”

But not before watchers had weighed in with some fiery remarks:

The (adulterated) fireworks start at 4:25:30 in the video below: