Ragnar, "Woman in E" (2016). Courtesy the Hirshhorn.
Ragnar, "Woman in E" (2016). Courtesy the Hirshhorn.

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In October, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden will open a show by Ragnar Kjartansson, an Icelandic artist known for his photography, painting, and video work, including his widely celebrated nine-channel music video, “The Visitors.” That crowd-pleaser and more will be headed to the Hirshhorn this fall, but the museum needs help to pull it off—specifically women guitarists.

Next week, the Hirshhorn is hosting auditions for “Woman in E,” a performance project. Kjartansson is looking for women to participate in between 12 and 24 performances over the course of the show’s three-month run. Invited performers will stand or sit on stage for two-and-a-half hour shifts and look cool while strumming an E-minor chord. The only prerequisites: Must be a woman, must have presence, must play (a little) guitar.

In “Woman in E,” which Kjartansson debuted in January at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, the woman serves as a kind of sculpture, appearing in isolation, dressed in shimmering gold gown. As with the original performance, at the Hirshhorn, the woman will take center stage on a rotating platform against a matching backdrop of gold streamers. The whole performance installation looks like it might have been inspired by The Ronettes.

The performances will take place continuously during museum hours (10 a.m.–5:30 p.m.), and good news, guitarists—it’s a paid gig. But time is limited: The Hirshhorn is hosting on-site auditions on July 12 and 13. Space is limited, too: The Hirshhorn is only taking 80 applications (you can apply here), and the museum has received about 50 so far. That means there’s still a chance to be a part of the most rock-and-roll durational performance artwork of the year.