For more than three decades, Dischord Records—the little record label founded in 1980 in D.C. by teens Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson—has been the most influential punk label in the world. That may sound like hyperbole, but when you look at its prolific discography, it’s evident that no other label has had as great an impact on punk as Dischord has. Of course, in the age of streaming music, that evidence isn’t always clear. Thankfully, Dischord put its entire discography up on the artist-and-label-friendly streaming site Bandcamp a couple weeks ago, offering the chance to dig deep into its catalogue. It’s a lot of music. Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve created this flowchart to help make things a little easier. It doesn’t encompass all of Dischord’s artists, but it’s a start.

Credit: Illustration by Stephanie Rudig