Upshur Street Pool
Upshur Street Pool Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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As announcements go, this one’s a wet blanket. But points to D.C. Parks and Recreation for a solid press release pun today (at least by government bureaucracy standards) announcing seasonal pool closures across the District.

“Outdoor pools will close in waves” beginning at 6 p.m. this Sunday, the department announced. Fortunately, spray parks and a handful of pools will remain open until Labor Day, Sept. 5: Banneker, Francis, Oxon Run, Rosedale, and Upshur.

“The D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation has historically closed outdoor pools on a rolling basis beginning in August,” a spokeswoman said in a statement. “Closures are based on historical pool usage. It should also be noted that the majority of DPR’s outdoor pool workforce is comprised of college and high school aged students who are preparing for their school year. The community will continue to have access to other pools in DPR’s inventory.”

Below is DPR’s closure schedule.

Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, Aug. 14 for the season:

Ward 5: Langdon Park Pool (2860 Mills Ave., NE)

Ward 7: Kelly Miller Pool (4900 Brooks St., NE)

Ward 8: Douglass Pool (1921 Fredrick Douglass Ct., SE)

Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, Aug. 21 for the season:

Ward 1: Park View Children’s Pool (693 Otis Pl., NW) Ward 5: Harry Thomas Sr. Pool (1743 Lincoln Rd., NE)

Ward 7: Benning Park Pool (5100 Southern Ave., SE)

Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, Aug. 28 for the season:

Ward 2: Jelleff Pool (3265 S St., NW)

Ward 2: Volta Park Pool (1555 34th St., NW)

Ward 5: Theodore Hagans Jr. Pool (3201 Fort Lincoln Dr., NE)

Ward 6: Randall Pool (25 I St., SW)

Ward 8: Anacostia Pool (1800 Anacostia Dr., SE)

Ward 8: Fort Stanton Pool (1800 Erie St., SE)

Closing at 6 pm on Monday, Sept. 5 for the season:

Ward 1: Banneker Pool (2500 Georgia Ave., NW)

Ward 2: Francis Pool (2435 N St., NW)

Ward 4: Upshur Pool (4300 Arkansas Ave., NW)

Ward 6: Rosedale Pool (1701 Gales St., NE) Ward 7: Ridge Road (830 Ridge Rd., SE)

Ward 8: Oxon Run Pool (501 Mississippi Ave., SE)

Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, Oct. 16 for the season:

Ward 2: East Potomac Pool (972 Ohio Dr., SW)

Updated with comment from DPR