Rate Me
Rate Me

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Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should. Fame is a fickle mistress, as these shorts can attest, and while some of them only deign to explore cliches, others are genuinely inspired.

BulletThis is a documentary about David “The Bullet” Smith, a human cannonball who comes from a family of other human cannon-persons. It’s nostalgic, well-photographed, and concise enough to get its point across.

An Average StoryA government economist discovers “The Most Average Man in Israel,” who eventually exploits the title for financial gain. Any worthwhile statistician would tell you that an average measures central tendency, so individual data points are irrelevant. The short is wry and funny, I guess, but its premise gets a failing grade.

Enfant TerribleIdiots at an art gallery accidentally destroy an artist’s installation, which is literal trash. This is a dark comedy, full of energy and cynicism, even if going after modern art is low-hanging fruit.

I Used to Be FamousThis is a short fable about a washed-up boy band star, and how he struggles to connect with an audience. Many shorts strive to be moving, but this one actually gets there since the hero starts as a believably self-absorbed asshole. Shocker! He does not end up that way.

Rate MeThis is the best short from the two showcases I’ve seen. It takes an online call girl service, and literally adapts twelve reviews of the same young woman. The ratings range from sincere insight into violent misogynistic fantasies, all the while the young woman remains silent. This is a shocking, inventive look at male entitlement.

Somebody ElseThe Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope finally finds its way to mainland China. This might have been moving to the young man who wrote it, but it’s instantly forgettable to his audience—hence the unintentionally ironic title.

Showcase 12 screens tomorrow at 5 p.m. at Landmark’s E Street Cinema.