40th Anniversary
40th Anniversary

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The magical-realist Zero M2 stands out in Showcase 13, which, as a whole, promises plenty of cringe-worthy moments, both comical and dramatic. Other notables include the simple and poignant 40 Aniversario and the visually poetic Boy-Razor.

40 Aniversario (40th Anniversary)Over an endearing home-cooked anniversary breakfast, a couple celebrates their marriage by revealing what they’ve hidden from each other for 40 years. Director J. Enrique Sánchez keeps the film’s cinematography simple as the entire narrative plays out calmly around the table, which only highlights the increasing absurdity of the pair’s confessions.

Boy RazorOn a hot summer day at a water park, a young boy seeks revenge on his bullies. Director Peter Pontikis keys up the story’s suspense well with minimal dialogue and the film reminds us that being the bigger person is rarely painless.

Red RoverA teenage couple flees their fundamentalist family preparing for Doomsday only to discover the end is truly nigh. The film strikes an eerie tenor, but is ultimately just a trite teen romance about sentimentalism and unmet expectations.

SundaeA mother bribes her son with the promise of a sundae to find her husband’s mistress. Unfortunately, kids will say anything to get ice cream, resulting in a botched sneak attack on the Other Woman. Simple and darkly funny.

Zero M2 (Zero Square Meters)Broke and discouraged, a student seeks an affordable apartment in overcrowded Paris. He finds a great deal on a studio, but soon realizes it’s too good to be true as the landlord increasingly sizes down the space due to a loophole in the lease. Director Mat Landour skillfully toes the line of moody, magical, and mirthful.

Showcase 13 screens tonight at 9 p.m. at Landmark’s E Street Cinema.