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Standout Track: While the name Tölva might be unfamiliar, the man behind it, Erik Sleight (Br’er, Stronger Sex, CrushnPain), has been a mainstay of the D.C. electronic music scene for some time. On “bassIItxNitro,” the first track on Tölva’s forthcoming debut, Manudags, Sleight offers a much quieter and more contemplative riff on the music that he makes in his other bands. The track is built around a minute-long loop, and Sleight notes that “I made a four minute song out of remixing myself. Taking what I had and chopping it up and pitch-shifting things, and taking what I had done with that loop and remixing myself into a full song.”

Musical Motivation: For a long time, the Tölva material was something Sleight was sitting on, not yet ready to release. Unfortunately, he recently had all of his musical gear stolen from his car, spurring him to release this album as a marker of a time and place. “I thought it was going to be much more meticulously planned from every angle,” he says, “but that’s sort of a cop out […] to basically tell the world that as soon as you release something it’s going to be incredible, but you’re just not done yet. So the whole theft process really ramped up the timeline for releasing the album.”

Testing Boundaries: Sleight derives a lot of enjoyment from maximizing the peculiarities of his equipment. “I use a lot of hardware and synthesizers and drum machines,” he says, “and what’s fun about using those tools for me is that they are what they are and there are limitations, and there’s a lot of power in those limitations.”