Anthony Muhammad Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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Will Ward 8 Advisory Neighborhood Commission rivals Anthony Muhammad and Joshua Johnson ever get along? Not at this rate. Muhammad was arrested Tuesday for allegedly throwing a brick at Johnson’s head, and now Johnson has been charged with assault for allegedly threatening Muhammad with a knife.

Johnson was running for the ANC8E02 seat held by Muhammad until Muhammad knocked him off the ballot on an address challenge.

Muhammad was walking up to his home on Alabama Avenue SE on Aug. 18, according to a statement Muhammad gave police, when Johnson approached him to confront him over Facebook posts. Johnson allegedly brandished a pocket knife while telling Muhammad to stop posting about him. The police report notes that the two men are involved in an “ongoing dispute” over the ANC seat.

Johnson, who now faces the same misdemeanor simple assault charge as his rival, insists there’s no truth to the allegation that he threatened Muhammad with a knife.

“He has no witnesses for his made-up claim,” Johnson says.