Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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The at-large State Board of Education race is getting ugly after someone using one candidate’s account on a popular local web forum accused a rival of having a “turkey neck” and being “old and crazy.”

On Monday afternoon, someone using a D.C. Urban Moms and Dads once used by Ashley Carter took shots at incumbent Mary Lord‘s appearance, while urging readers to vote for Carter.

“Mary Lord is old and crazy,” the person using the account wrote in a message that was later deleted. “Maybe she can wear some more scarves to hide her turkey neck and dress like a homeless lady.”

It’s not clear who was behind the post from the account, which Carter has previously used. The candidate blamed the post on a campaign volunteer using Carter’s account on Carter’s computer. Carter, who wouldn’t name the purported rogue poster, says the person has been kicked off her campaign for the “incredibly inappropriate” post.

“I’m not going to go negative,” Carter says. “I haven’t done so yet.”

Lord, who has held the citywide at-large seat since the SBOE replaced the old Board of Education in 2007, concedes that her fashion sense might not meet the forum poster’s sensibilities.

“I don’t dress in stiletto heels,” Lord says. “I prefer sensible shoes. But in some places, that’s probably considered fashionable.”

This isn’t the first time Carter and Lord have clashed. Earlier in the race, Lord accused Carter, who has worked for the conservative Independent Women’s Forum, of misleading voters about whether she supports Donald Trump‘s presidential bid. News articles from July quoted Carter as a Trump supporter, but by the time Trump’s Access Hollywood tape was released, she announced that she had stopped supporting him.

“I’ll take the way I dress as an insult any day over my politics not being in tune with the vast majority of the District of Columbia,” Lord says.