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In the aftermath of a contentious and polarizing presidential election, D.C.-area musician Visto has released a new song entitled “I’m Good” that speaks for the 45 percent of the population who didn’t cast a vote on election day. Instead of moping around and whining about the ultra-conservative stormtroopers on their way to D.C., Visto offers a more optimistic message. “I’m Good” extols the virtues of independence and self-reliance. 

“I’m good on my own /I don’t do no politricking/ I leave the government alone” 

Even the buoyant track (ironically created by a production team called The Democratz) gives you an upbeat and hopeful vibe. And although the artwork depicts a boy mischievously pissing in Donald Trumps face, Visto isn’t anti-Trump, or anti-Republican for that matter. Like a true hippie, he’s against the entire political establishment. 

Visto is the founder of Hippie Life Krew (HLK), a collective of rappers that espouse the philosophy of universal love, harmony, and spirituality. They’re also avid practitioners of Eastern religion. Visto’s recent video is entitled “Namaste” (a Hindu greeting), and features HLK member Eazy leading a yoga class. 

Maybe it’s some mystical meditative ritual that gives Visto inner-peace when most of the country seems so divided. School children are walking out of their classrooms in protest. CNN is in turmoil. The Republicans control the executive branch, both chambers of congress, and will spend the next two years aggressively pushing their right-wing agenda. But Visto isn’t worried, “I wanted to drop something for the strong-minded folks out here who don’t look to others to create the change they want to see,” he says dauntlessly. Or in other words: we’re good! 

“I’m Good” is the first single from Visto’s upcoming mixtape “Head Hippie”