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It’s been a little more than two weeks since the election, and people are still very angry. In D.C., where 93 percent of residents voted for Hillary Clinton, the grief over the Democratic nominee’s loss has quickly turned to rage and fear over the Donald J. Trump era and subsequent cabinet appointments. Emotions are running high in the District, and for artists, it’s most effective to channel disillusionment into their work. Here are several pieces by local visual artists inspired by the range of sentiments—anger, rage, anxiety, sadness, love, hope, and optimism—that this election season has provoked.

“If You See Something” (2016) by Oliver Bendorf

“Emperor’s New Clothes” (2016) by Bill Warrell

“A Corporation Is Not a Human” (2016) by Christopher D. Taylor

“Today and Tomorrow” (2016) by Emily Unroe

“Mirror Heroes” (2016) by Anna Tulchinskaya

“LOVE” (2016) by Lisa Marie Thalhammer

“Surviving Trump’s America” (2016) by Elizabeth Early