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One can only presume that the 42-year old Jewish punk artist Toilet Baby that sent the City Paper a five minute-and-41-second, five-track EP entitled Trumpster Fire Part One is an annoyed and antagonized male. As well, in a manner similar to Howard Beale in Paddy Chayefsky’s 1976 black comedy Network, Toilet Baby is “mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.”

“Not taking it anymore” includes songs with titles like “Steve Bannon Can Suck My Jewish Dick” and “America Was Never Great (You Cracker Fuck).” The former is a dry, New Wave creation that repeats the incredibly pointed chorus as a more nasal, angry rant at Trump’s alt-right leaning Chief Strategist than anything else. “If you’re brown, or a woman, or queer, then you’re pretty well fucked” are an example of the latter’s post-punk no-fi death-wave sound, in which more lives beneath the speakers than intentionally assaults the senses.

The five tracks, aptly priced at $6.66, acts as a blunt force punk blow to the alt-right cerebellum, tagged as “christian devotional easycore skronky Washington.” But who is Toilet Baby? 

“My government name? Lol good one bro it’s Toilet Baby. Glad you enjoyed Part One. Part Two will have a song about how Putin is sexually unsatisfied because his prostate is beyond the reach of Trump’s little shriveled munchkin fingers.”

Continue to follow the Toilet Baby’s musical saga here. Given that we’re not even one day into the next four years, it’s fair to suppose that Toilet Baby will have at least 100 more parts to his angst-ridden mini opus.