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Show: Cro-Mags, Protester, Line of Sight, D.C. Disorder at The Pinch. 3548 14th St. NW. Feb. 12. $20Artist: Ambrose Nzams

Show: Pissed Jeans and Hand Grenade Job at Black Cat. 1811 14th St. NW. Feb. 23. $15.Artist: Sarah O’Donoghue

Show: Ilsa, Outer Heaven, Bestial Evil, Triac, Brainpan at The Pinch. 3548 14th St. NW. Feb. 24. $10.Artist: Joshy Brettell and Hasan A

Show:Palberta, Puff Pieces, Bless at Slash Rub. 201 Upshur St. NW. Feb. 25. $5.Artist: Brett Isaacoff