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In a lot of ways, Park Snakes sticks out among the rest of Blight Records’ acts. Instead of experimental electro-pop, the D.C. trio traffics in a fuzzy, sleaze-filled rock ‘n’ roll that’s more Blondie than Aphex Twin. But the self-proclaimed rock noir band is right at home with the rest of the acts on the label, offering an honest meditation on rebellion, alienation, and love.

At the center is vocalist Nenet Nenet. “I always feel like I’m storytelling, which is awesome for me because I always wanted to be a writer,” she says. “So each song is told from the viewpoint of someone. Any song I’m singing, I’m taking the role of this character that’s telling a story.”

All of the songs on the EP “have these themes of alienation and power and control and marginalization, and it also has what I would like to call the possibilities of love.” For example, “Touch Me” riffs on notions of alienation by telling the story of a person in love with a monster.

On the first track of the EP, “Alien,” the character Nenet portrays is very much a reflection of herself. “I’m an immigrant and the word ‘alien’ is always used on official paperwork,” she says. “The song is about alienation, and the idea of being unseen and unwanted.” Although Nenet says that most of the experiences that she’s had since moving from Buenos Aires five years ago have been positive she does point out that “there are moments in which I was very aware that immigrants are not exactly welcome, regardless of whether you’re legal or not.”

But Nenet has found acceptance in D.C., particularly among the Blight Records collective. The B-Side of Park Snakes’s EP is a collection of remixes from Blight stalwarts Br’er, CrushnPain, Bruisey Peets, Stronger Sex, and Tölva. “The music we make is super opposite to the music that they all make, which is really electronic based,” Nenet says. “They all chose very wisely,” she says, remarking on which Blight act remixed each track. “There couldn’t have been a better match for each song.”