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Less than a week after the violent Unite the Right demonstration in Charlottesville, in which 20-year-old neo-Nazi James Alex Fields, Jr. allegedly killed one person and injured more than a dozen others after he drove a car through a crowd of nonviolent counter-protesters, an openly anti-Semitic punk band from Texas was set to play a Gaithersburg tattoo shop. Until the shop found out about it.

Tomorrow night, Nyogthaeblisz—a black death metal band who has appeared on a compilation entitled Satanic Skinhead: Declaration of Anti-Semetic Terrorwas supposed headline Raw Ink Studio, a tattoo parlor in Gaithersburg. But upon learning of the band’s anti-Semitic views, the shop’s owner, Bobby Weschler, kicked the band off the bill.

There’s a fine line that I’m dancing on here,” Weschler tells City Paper. “Being against religion as a whole is one thing, but when you get into … anti-Semitism, that’s kind of a racethat’s why we can’t have that here.”

Weschler says that when the shop—which often hosts punk, metal, and hardcore shows—agreed to host the show, they weren’t told Nyogthaeblisz would be on the bill. “There were three bands and then a fourth was TBA,” when it was first announced, he says. “It wasn’t part of the original lineup.” Raw Ink hosts shows under Raw Ink Live and often works with outside promoters to book shows. Tomorrow’s gig was booked by Legion of Death Productions, which books metal shows throughout Maryland, New York, and Massachusetts.

Raw Ink Studio published this message on its Facebook page: 

Good afternoon,

Due to unforseen events, Nyogthaeblisz will not be playing the show tomorrow, August 18th. The rest of the bands will all be playing and the show will still start on time.

Thank you,

The Texas-based band Nyogthaeblisz isn’t shy about their anti-Semitic view points. Lyrics for one of their tracks off the Satanic Skinhead compilation include: “Noxious death-gases and enraptured hellfire/ Viciously devastating the menial Israelite rats/ Lion of Judah envenomed, withers and ceases to be.” And this is far from the first time Nyogthaeblisz has run into controversy for a show they’ve been booked on. In 2011, the band was kicked off the bill for the Chaos in Tejas festival in Austin, Texas after people expressed disgust and outrage over the festival hosting a Nazi skinhead band. In defense, the band’s label, Satanic Skinhead Propaganda, defended and clarified the band’s position:

“NYOGTHAEBLISZ are not “NS” [Nazi skinhead] and they are not even white.

They are Satanic, and openly anti-semitic.

This is extreme Black Metal and this is EXACTLY why fests like this should not exist in the first place. Keep Black Metal dangerous and away from these liberal scum. This is a smear campaign with ad hominem attacks simply because the band is openly ANTI-JEW.