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Formed in 2017, Model Home is the project of experimental musician Patrick Cain and southeast rapper NappyNappa. The duo’s second installment, Model Home 2, is composed of 13 improvised tracks and results in some seriously heavy music, the kind of music that could send an unassuming listener straight to the moon.

Like a granular introduction, “No Barcode” and “Cheek To The Matrix” serve as little deconstructed odes to a call via pay phone we might never get; a call made from Eastern Avenue to the unapologetic newcomers who browse a catalog in their condo. Howling from the depths of a distorted microphone with processed sound effects, Nappy gets prophetic on “Wild For Praise,” reciting an unidentifiable chorus as Cain provides a no less-than harsh background that grows exponentially as the words rise, falling into the asymmetric rhythm of “Time Can Be Delayed.” It’s as if the narrators were trying to teach us a lesson though the mechanics of time travel. Ultimately, the musings on Model Home 2 paint a vital, much-needed picture. A picture of a place drowned in sound; a city that dissolves and turns into something exciting and new.