Credit: Drew Hagelin

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It is very easy to love Pearie Sol’s song about why he doesn’t deserve your love. “Love Is for the Loving” closed the carnival-barking one-man band’s self-titled 2016 EP by melting that debut’s productively unhinged organ punk into a droning nocturne, a perfectly, maybe paradoxically emotive cry to take your affections elsewhere. “Love is for the loving/ don’t give it to me,” Pearie sings, later meditating:

Cursed boring livesBrought on by dreamy eyesBasking in the comfortOf someone by your side

Pearie doesn’t need to elucidate whether we’re the tragic ones in his telling or if he is, because the answer is probably both. Like the rest of his EP, “Love Is for the Loving” winks at internal and external pains, pushing and pulling between somber themes and rabid-hyena ecstasy. (Pearie once described his approach as “like running through a field with your arms in the air.”) Now the song has a Lynchian video, filmed in black and white by Cigarette’s Drew Hagelin, that toys with those same levers. Pearie is seen trawling through a warehouse, immobilized in bed, and hammering at his instruments (an organ, a guitar, and a drum kit, though on the EP he makes his beats with a Rhythm Ace). Sometimes there are two Pearies—but when they meet, it isn’t to resolve or reckon with the act’s contradictions. One simply takes the world’s most ominous selfie—and leaves.