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Even during the coldest season of the year, a simple, soothing song has the power to warm you up. “Sante Fe,” a simple, languid new tune from D.C. singer-songwriter Sara Curtin is like a cup of hot cocoa for your ears. It’s a sparse song that features Curtin’s delicate guitar-strumming and warm vocals, whose lyrics were inspired by a trip she and her husband took to—you guessed it—Santa Fe in September.

“It was my first time there and, like many artists before me, I found it completely enchanting,” she tells City Paper.

But there’s more to “Santa Fe” than being overcome by a new place: “So far from home/ We’re facing the unknown/ With new life within/ And a new life on the horizon for me and him.” Indeed, Curtin and her husband found out a few months before the trip that they are expecting twins. “Being pregnant with twins and visualizing such a monumental life change on the horizon inspired this song to just pour out of me when I got back home to D.C.,” she says. “Just an honest folk song born from taking the time to reflect on my excitement, fears, and wonder of what is in front of me.”

“Santa Fe” is by no means a Christmas song (you’d be forgiven for thinking so, though, it does have “Santa” is in the title), but it certainly has that soft carol-like quality to it. And, after all, it is a song about new life.