Credit: Merge Records

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Fake news is real, and its consequences are devastating. Just ask the staff of Comet Ping Pong, who had to evacuate the restaurant in December of 2016, when a man entered the restaurant with a gun, convinced of a conspiracy theory that the venerable pizza place was host to a secret pedophile ring. An absurd theory, but one with terrifying consequences.

Gauche, recently signed to Merge Records for their upcoming album, have always been a band that doesn’t mince words. And in “Conspiracy Theories,” the band’s latest single, the words are simple and direct: “I hate/ conspiracy theories/ Alex Jones/ I hate you too.” Alex Jones, of course, is perhaps the biggest propagator of fake news; his fear-mongering on InfoWars spread the vitriol of Pizzagate, and also led to his supporters relentlessly harassing the grieving parents of Sandy Hook and Parkland school shooting victims. So it’s nothing short of cathartic when Gauche shouts, with feeling, “Alex Jones/ I hate you too/ Fuck you!” 

Gauche doesn’t let dangerous conspiracy theories get them down, though. The accompanying music video is nothing short of a blissed-out psychedelic dance party. When the weight of the world is bringing you down, Gauche is here to make you dance.