Promotional image for DC Gurly Show Quarantine Hoedown

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DC Gurly Show Presents: Quarantine Hoedown

In need of something spicier than the hot sauce you’ve been pouring on your takeout dinner just to feel something? What about a queer burlesque show? On Sept. 10, DC Gurly Show will host their first virtual country burlesque show, the Quarantine Hoedown, spicing up Zoom with glitz, glam, and talent. DCGS, the District’s oldest queer burlesque troupe, could be found pre-pandemic thrilling audiences in places like Dupont Circle’s Bier Baron Tavern and erstwhile Columbia Heights bar The Pinch. Founded in 2005, DCGS began with the goal of creating a space for performers of all races, sizes, orientations, and body types to showcase their talents and perform acts that diverge from heteronormative conventions in burlesque. In just 15 years, DCGS says they have become the largest troupe in the city, and COVID-19 doesn’t appear to be dulling their shine. The Quarantine Hoedown will feature performers from both the area and across the nation, and of course, all those sparkly costumes that can only be improved by being taken off. To be blunt, it’s time that quarantine got a wee bit more sultry and a whole lot sexier. The DCGS Hoedown is just what we need. The event begins at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 10. Registration is available at $5–$10. —Ryley Graham

Panda Cam

Giant panda Mei Xiang gave animal lovers around the world something to celebrate when she gave birth to a cub in mid-August. The cub, who zookeepers have yet to inspect up close, has some big paws to fill. It will likely be the last cub for 22-year-old Mei Xiang, who previously gave birth to giant pandas Tai Shan, Bao Bao, and Bei Bei. Beyond that, Mei Xiang and fellow Smithsonian National Zoo resident Tian Tian are quite special. Giant pandas are considered vulnerable, and zookeepers have long relied on breeding programs to combat this. As Mei Xiang advanced in age, zoo staff attempted to facilitate one last pregnancy, artificially inseminating her with frozen semen from Tian Tian. Ultrasounds in mid-August confirmed the presence of a fetus, and the cub was born just a few days later. The process may seem a little technical, but the end result is super cute. While zookeepers wait to approach the cub and inspect it, they—and the rest of the world—can admire Mei Xiang and her baby via webcam. Following typical panda behaviors, Mei Xiang is spending time in a small den, close by her cub’s side. If you catch her sleeping, the zoo has handily archived clips of the cub’s first days, including some of its first vocalizations. Everything about the panda cam is simply pure joy. Plus, if it’s a little too pink for your liking right now, the baby will only get cuter in the coming months. The panda cam is available at Free. —Sarah Smith