blue, red, and white police lights
Credit: Darrow Montgomery/File

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The Metropolitan Police Department released body camera footage today of the police shooting death of 18-year-old Deon Kay.

Officer Alexander Alvarez has been identified as the officer who shot Kay.

The redacted body camera video shows Alvarez exit his police cruiser and begin chasing two people who ran from a parked car, Chief Peter Newsham said during a briefing this afternoon.

As he runs, the video shows Alvarez turn to look toward Kay, who is running behind him. Alvarez then says “Don’t move, don’t move, don’t move,” and almost simultaneously fires once, striking Kay in the chest.

“The officer did provide a statement, and he indicated he saw the suspect, who was approaching from the rear, brandish a weapon when he turned around, and as a result, in response to that … he fired one round,” Newsham said. “And then he saw the individual throw the weapon.”

Newsham said the gun that police believe was in Kay’s possession was found nearly 100 feet away.

Asked about the distance between where Kay was shot and where police found the gun, Newsham said, “That does seem like a long way to throw a weapon.”

He said officers recovered one other gun and arrested two people: one for carrying a pistol without a permit and the other for driving without a license.