VisArts’ daily drawing prompt

What do an evil mermaid, an egg, something spicy, crystals, and DIY vehicles all have in common? It’s not a riddle; those are a series of drawing prompts posted to VisArts’ Instagram page during one week last month. The Rockville arts center is keeping creatives engaged in quarantine with daily drawing prompts that run from nostalgic to silly, and everyone’s invited. Here’s how it works: VisArts teases all of the prompts for the upcoming week on Sunday, then releases a more detailed prompt each day throughout the week. The idea is to create something, anything, and to have a little fun while doing it. Recent prompts have included single words, like “glowing,” “moon,” or “potion.” Some are a little more challenging, like “an animal that doesn’t exist,” or “what dreams look like.” Some are more personal, like “Treat yourself to today’s prompt, your favorite dessert! Draw whatever makes you the happiest!” Others are more abstract: “Fourth prompt of this week, favorite smell! What smells are you fond of?” Whether you spend one minute or one hour crafting your masterpieces, and whether you use crayons or collage, the prompts will get the wheels turning while hopefully adding one reason to smile to your day. For an added layer of entertainment, see what others in the VisArts community have dreamed up by searching the #visartsconnects hashtag. The prompts are available on VisArts’ Instagram, @visartscenter. Free. —Emma Francois

Kramerbooks’ Postmates delivery

Kramerbooks & Afterwords has called its Dupont Circle location home since 1976, and has become a symbol of both the neighborhood and the power of independent booksellers. Happy couples credit Kramerbooks as the perfect spot for first dates, and its list of noteworthy clientele includes former President Barack Obama and Monica Lewinsky. And despite COVID-19, Kramerbooks is keeping its bookshop—and its legacy—alive. The bookstore-meets-café launched a book delivery service through Postmates, and bookish shoppers can choose a new release like Suzanne CollinsThe Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Stephen King’s If It Bleeds, or Kawai Strong Washburn’s Sharks in the Time of Saviors. If finding a specific novel feels tricky, Kramerbooks also offers mystery bundles. Staff members handpick three books from specific genres, like sci-fi, horror, or Japanese literature, and then bundle them up for $45. Feeling hungry? Add a sandwich, salad, or pastry from Fedwich, Kramerbooks’ pop-up collaboration with Federalist Pig. Oh, and as rumors circulate that Kramerbooks & Afterwords could be headed for a different neighborhood (owner Steve Salis swears the shop isn’t going out of business), there’s some comfort in seeing Kramers pivot to the digital world. Grab your phone, grab a book off your reading list, and cozy up for the long days ahead. Kramerbooks & Afterwords is open for Postmates orders from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Cutoff for orders is 7:30 p.m. Prices vary. —Sarah Smith