Not So Concrete

In Not So Concrete, sponsored by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, nine artists share their ideas of how identity, consciousness, and culture shape architecture. The coronavirus pandemic pushed the exhibition fully into the digital realm, adding a whole new layer of complexity to the topic. Four of the artists contribute mixed-media works: Pierre Davis, whose works rely heavily on wood; Joan Snitzer, whose gridded pieces suggest Pollockian action painting; Zofie King, who makes combines out of found objects; and Steve Wanna, who creates minimalist sculptures. Michael Crossett produces screen prints with a Metrorail theme, while Cassidy Garbutt offers dreamlike pigment prints. Two artists dwell in visual complexity: Pam Eichner, who creates mathematically inspired digital drawings on aluminum, and Monica Stroik, who paints in the op art style. The most eye-popping piece is Yaroslav Koporulin’s 48”x96” “Caulk Painting,” a work in scarlet and black that drips rough-textured black caulk from the wall to the floor. The exhibition is available online to Aug. 14, with artist talks every Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m. from July 7 through Aug. 11. A full list of artist talks and registration links is available at Free. —Louis Jacobson