Credit: Illustration by Ronan Lynam

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The blank pages of a coloring book invite boundless creativity. In a coloring book, you can turn the sky green, the grass blue, and the clouds purple. Creativity is cathartic, now and always. So, City Paper creative director Julia Terbrock and I decided to put together a joyful coloring cover package that looks and feels like home in the D.C. area, the home we’ve been missing as we’ve stayed inside for months during the coronavirus pandemic. Inside these coloring pages, you can delight in the familiar nature of the District, Maryland, and Virginia: the National Mall, regional flora and fauna, a scene of seasons on the Tidal Basin, and, as an interstellar bonus, a D.C.-themed trip out of this world. Get out your markers, crayons, and colored pencils, or open up your digital coloring apps. This is for you to explore your imagination and individuality. Color inside the lines or outside the lines. Make our home, with all its charm and character, any colors you want. —Kayla Randall

Freelance Artist Bios

Ronan Lynam works as an illustrator from his studio in Cleveland Park. His work centers on expressing ideas through vivid and colorful illustration, often capturing the tightness of digital mark making while still retaining a hand-drawn feel, coupled with a hint of traditional media textures. Cleverness, humor, and a sprinkle of pop culture regularly play an important role in conceptualizing his work. As a digital artist, he works on a wide variety of promotional, editorial, and retail projects. He can be found at and on Instagram @ronanlynam.

Carlos Carmonamedina has produced more than 170 postcards for his project DC is my City since early 2016. “During my time in Washington, D.C., I have come to love the rich diversity of people, past and present, and the quotidian dramas through which they shape their neighborhoods,” he says. A Petworth resident and artist, his love for the city has been reflected in the illustrations he made for several early literacy programs at the DC Public Library. He was included on the 40 under 40 list by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. He works at the public relations firm kglobal as the senior art director, and can be found at and on Instagram @carmonamedinastudio.

Tenbeete Solomon AKA Trap Bob is a visual artist, illustrator, and animator based in Edgewood. She uses bold colors and gestures to convey both the humor and struggles of everyday life. Her work is socially conscious and frequently inspired by activism and issues, with an aim to bridge the gap between her audience and her message. Her work is featured in both the digital space and within the local community, from Instagram gif stickers to permanent murals throughout D.C. As the founder of freelance design and product company Trap Bob World, LLC, she has worked with leading corporations, brands, and organizations, including Giphy, Pabst Blue Ribbon, the Elizabeth Warren campaign, BET, and Refinery 29. She was recently featured as a Black-owned business in Beyoncé’s Black Parade Route directory.  She can be found at and on Instagram @trapxbob and Twitter @trapbob.

Download the illustration files for print and digital coloring!