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Baffetto la Pizzeria

2005 18th St. NW

Closed: Dec. 5

Reopened: Dec. 5

History: no citations listed in city records

Health Department Says: no certified food protection manager

Business Says: At least our cheese checks out. Six months after its grand opening, the Adams Morgan pizza joint remains immaculate. On the wall above the slicer, someone has posted a reminder to clean the slicer after every use. When a health inspector showed up one afternoon, her interest was in the pizzeria’s cheese. She asked manager Tayfun Uzun what kind of cheese he used, where it was stored, and how. The cheese was OK, but when the inspector perfunctorily requested Uzun’s certified food protection manager identification card, he could only produce one for the state of Virginia. “I have my [D.C.] certificate”—which is different from the ID card—“but they don’t take that, and I don’t carry that around with me, either,” he says. That earned Baffetto a citation, and the pizzeria stopped serving for a couple of hours while Uzun went downtown to get the proper card, which he now keeps in his wallet. Uzun dismisses the entire incident. “The emphasis was on the cheese,” he says. “There’s something going on with cheese in D.C.