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Thanks for the colorful piece on “The Coach,” Matt Centrowitz (“I Coach. You Run,” 12/8). After last year’s controversy at American University about the ethics and practices of the board of trustees and former president, it was great to read about a true teacher on that campus.

Centrowitz is a product of his time and hometown: late-’60s/early-’70s New York City. He clearly has taken the lessons—and language and antics—he learned on the streets and incorporated them into his drive and passion to be a successful teacher.

What he lacks to some in etiquette, he more than makes up for in character. And he passes along that dedication, hard work, focus, strategy, and achievement to the young men and women he is helping to bring toward adulthood. These lessons will be remembered long after the specifics of Econ 101 are forgotten.

Again, three cheers to American for having the foresight to hire this diamond in the rough and allowing him to polish so many lives! Keep on running them hard, coach.

Dan Mendelson
Adams Morgan