Just call it American Cowpie.
Just call it American Cowpie.

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Another Gay Movie
Directed by Todd Stephens

Give thanks this season if you haven’t seen Richard Hatch’s li’l survivor. He bared it all for Another Gay Movie, a disgusting, unfunny, and downright contemptible 92 minutes of abusing soap, cucumbers, and laxatives—and generally insulting gay people’s intelligence. Unless you like listening to caricatures talk about “penis drippings, ill-timed queefs, and 31 flavors of genital cheese.” —Tricia Olszewski

Basic Instinct 2
Directed by Michael Caton-Jones

Sex, murder, psychology, architecture—sounds like the stuff of a smart thriller, but even relocating to London and enlisting classy British actors didn’t prevent the long-delayed sequel from being fatally stupid. While the psychiatric verdict is that the sexual predator played by a plasticized Sharon Stone has “a risk addiction,” this re-tread doesn’t gamble at all, except with incoherence. —Mark Jenkins