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208 Michigan Ave. NE

Closed: Dec. 15

Reopened: Dec. 15

History: no closings on record

Health Department Says: no certified food protection manager on site; operating a food establishment without a current business license issued by the mayor

Business Says: We were wrong; they were right, now please go away. When visited by a health inspector on Dec. 15, the manager of this Quizno’s outlet, located across the street from Trinity University, was told that his business license was outdated. “There was no issue; there was no problem,” the manager said. “They said I needed a stamp. I went there, and they gave it to me, and they said I could go ahead and open back up.” Although the restaurant was allowed to reopen in a matter of hours, the manager seemed especially unnerved during a telephone interview at the thought of pissing off authorities and encouraging future inspections. He refused to give his name and said he wanted no mention of his honest mistake in the media. “I don’t want anyone to get involved,” he said. “I don’t need discrimination from the inspectors.