Follet College Bookstore

4400 Massachusetts Ave. NW

Cited: Dec. 13

History:no citations listed in city records dating back to 1999

Health Department Says: operating a food establishment without a current business license

Business Says: It was a paperwork problem. The Follet College Bookstore at American University sells what most bookstores do—books. But a bookstore requires a separate license for the candy and sodas in its checkout lines. When the Health Department stopped by on Dec. 13, it found that Follet’s license was expired. The bookstore was prohibited from selling candy and sodas—hardly a big deal just as the university was preparing for holiday break. Maralee Csellar, the university’s media relations director, says American had paid for the license. “As I understand it, there was a billing error,” she says. “The health department thought that we hadn’t paid our prior license when we, in fact, did.”