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STANDOUT TRACK: No. 3, “In the Presence of…,” a languid, scorned-lover ballad knocked off-kilter by an impatient breakbeat and a ragged keyboard riff. Chromatic, descending strings add a melancholy tone as Jette Kelly, 26, sings to a no-good man: “You don’t/You don’t give a shit/You have nothing to say about/Me.”

MUSICAL MOTIVATION: An ex-boyfriend provided the subject for the song, but a sexual-tension-filled dinner party in January 2004 inspired Kelly to write it, she says. That night, she broke bread with two female friends—one of whom had recently left her husband to be with the other. It quickly became clear that the women wanted to be alone. “The chemistry between my two friends was so potent,” Kelly says. But the songwriter didn’t leave right away; she stole into her friends’ living room and scribbled down lyrics for a song about her ex.

Kelly and her former boyfriend kept seeing each other for months after they broke up. “You know when you have a lover that is so wrong in an emotional sense…you can’t trust them with anything, but they are so delicious,” says Kelly. “That’s what this song is about.”

THIS IS YOUR SONG: Kelly is just friends with that lover today. She gave him a copy of the album, though she was worried that he’d recognize himself in some of the songs. “But he doesn’t hate me, and he’s not embarrassed because I have never…admitted that certain things, or maybe many things, belong to him that are on the album,” Kelly says. “Hopefully he won’t read this.