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Baltimore’s Videohippos know how to capitalize on the psychedelic happening. Like any good trip, the band’s initial approach is a casual one: Drummer Kevin O’Meara and guitarist Jim Triplett set up a familiar rock ’n’ roll instrumentation with the sweet promise of relief from reality. But once the hallucinatory jams begin to drop, the audience members’ senses start getting skewed, and all visual and audio input is thrown into doubt. Is that a gas-mask microphone O’Meara is hollering into? Is Triplett playing a pint-sized toy ax? And where the hell did the Berenstain Bears footage projected onto the wall come from? Like the Exploding Plastic Inevitable—minus the whips, the chains, and Lou Reed—Videohippos create confusion for the sake of thrills. Sure, it’s a mess—but it’s a mess made for your benefit and one that you can safely come down from once the experience is over. Videohippos perform with Future Islands, Finfarum, and the Cats at 9 p.m. at the Warehouse Theater, 1017n1021 7th St. NW. $6. (202) 783-3933.