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Standout Track: No. 1, “Beneath Your Feet,” is a bass-driven Echo & the Bunnymennesque ballad about childhood innocence threatened by society’s norms and pressures. Andy Boliek’s dreamy, heart-in-his-throat voice drips with nostalgia, set amid the gently clashing cymbals of the chorus: “Lately I’ve been thinking/There’s no time at all…/There is no more time to leave/The ground beneath your feet.” But even if the days of staring at clouds and daydreaming are over, the song ends by suggesting that change is possible: “You broke through like a cannonball.”

Musical Motivation: The 24-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist, who graduated from American University a year ago, says that while the song isn’t intentionally autobiographical, it subconsciously may be. “Beneath Your Feet” is about “coming of age, growing up and realizing what the world’s about—mainstream society,” says Boliek. Adults live with “artificialness,” which Boliek calls the “little bits of plastic” of the EP’s title. For his part, the Arlington resident is happy to be currently unemployed rather than working at his last job at a brokerage. Boliek believes life “is about…finding out what you really want to do. Within reason, of course.”

O.A.R. They?: Despite the fact that Telograph has released only one EP, it will open for O.A.R. at the Patriot Center Jan. 26, more than a week before its CD release party Feb. 3 at the Black Cat. What’s the story? Boliek reluctantly admits, “Our bass player’s brother is in the band. We don’t generally tell people that.” But Boliek is confident in Telograph’s abilities: “They wouldn’t have asked us if they didn’t think we were ready.