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Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church
Capitol Hill

Pastor: the Rev. Andrew Walton

Attendance: about 100

Service Length: 1 hour

Sample Worshipper Dress: red turtleneck sweater, red skirt, heels

Activity-Book Theme: the baptism of Jesus

Stones from the River Jordan: 1

Congregational Fervor

During a recent Sunday service celebrating the baptism of Jesus, Capitol Hill Presbyterian’s congregation preferred to wade in faith’s still waters rather than swim in a raging ocean of devotion. Despite Walton’s best efforts to stir up some enthusiasm, attendees kept their singing voices quiet and their Christian joy suppressed.

Food for the Soul

During his sermon, Walton wondered aloud why people show up for church. “You have arrived here today to experience something,” observed Walton. “Most of us could have been countless other places—sipping coffee or even playing golf.” But what could be better than spending the morning taking advantage of global warming in mid-January? According to Walton, only eternal salvation. “Underneath all of our reasons for being here is the expectation of an encounter with God,” concluded the pastor. “You are here seeking epiphany.

Food for the Body

The post-service coffee-hour spread included coffee cake, carrots, cheese and crackers, Chex mix, popcorn, and three very ripe bananas.

Overall Worship Power

You’ll never reach spiritual epiphany with uncertainty in your heart, thus Capitol Hill invites all doubting Thomases to attend its weekly video course, Living the Questions. Here, programs such as “An Invitation to Journey” and “Creativity and the Stories of Creation” will address the more sensitive questions in organized faith. “It attempts to answer all of the questions we may be afraid to ask for fear of being deemed a heretic,” explains Walton.