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How bad is electronica artist BAD BROTHER? Super-baaad. And so futuristic that his latest release is on cassette tape. Obviously, the artist some humans know as Dan Buescher is so far ahead of the curve that he’s looking down on us from the other side. Consider BB’s track “Sing Computer,” which is a hearty command to both people and machines to move it. Likewise, “Something to Do” is no slacker shrug but a compelling groove. The tape is described as “the soundtrack for an elite club of fearless individualists who would make Teddy Roosevelt proud.” Bully, we say, bully!.

What equipment do you use and what’s your favorite smoke?

BAD BROTHER: Here’s everything I’m using right now:

1 iPod
1 Microphone
2 Cerwin-Vega speakers
1 Crate 10-Channel PA Head

In my humble opinion, cigarettes are way lame. Cigars are OK. And I really think the only people who should be allowed to smoke pipes are Winston Churchill impersonators, lazy hobbits, and elderly women.

What kind of drums do you play and what pets do you own?

BAD BROTHER: I have this totally money MRS set from way back when Mars Music was still around. It’s been festering in my parents’ garage for four years and is chock-full of new and beautiful life. I call that which lives inside of the kick drum my pet, even though the opposite is probably true.

What’s your favorite D.C. hangout and your favorite automobile?

BAD BROTHER: Interesting question, because my favorite hangout spot also happens to be my favorite automobile: my 1990 Buick LeSabre. The sound system is frighteningly loud.

What’s the worst place you’ve crashed and your worst haircut?

BAD BROTHER: I don’t really have any bad “crash” stories. Anyone who lets me stay at their place is automatically cool.

I think everyone’s haircut in their eighth grade yearbook photo is the worst haircut of their life. Mine looked like Curly from the Three Stooges totally wiping out at a skate park.

Worst roommate and best audience?

BAD BROTHER: Worst roommate? Dangerous question. Best audience? That one time where my friend and I played a boombox-powered show for one girl in her living room. Totally great.

Explain your band name and define your sound.

BAD BROTHER: I got my name from one of those long stream-of-consciousness pieces that one writes on Microsoft Notepad at 6:30 in the morning. “Bad,” in this instance, means “gooood.”

Honestly, I am trying to create the next artistic movement in music, but really, who isn’t these days? Striking at the raw, uncut heart of pure pop enjoyment…not stupid indie-pop like the Unicorns or something, but honest-to-God capturing that one secret moment in the Gummi Bears theme song that made you spin around the rumpus room in your PJs a long, long time ago. Furious counterpoint. Delicious pizza. Delirious Game Boy techno. Incredible ego. Totally uncool. Wack-a-roni.

What clothes do you like to wear onstage and what do you eat on the road?

BAD BROTHER: Suit, black and white. Black shoes.

I’ve only been on “the road” with my music once, and it drove me totally bonkers. I think I limited my diet to fingernails and fender.

What’s the worst stage you’ve played and your best payday?

BAD BROTHER: The very first show I played, the singer of a stoner metal band that played before me puked his guts out onstage before I went on and sort of passed out before he could clean it up. It was also approximately 100 degrees, which didn’t help the ambience any. Best payday = someone bought me pizza after a show one time.

What are your influences and worst equipment experience?

BAD BROTHER: Here are some great people that every good person should listen to: OCDJ, Isolee, Mu, Mas Y Mas, Otis Redding, ECSTC SNSHN, the Clipse, the Hutchinson Family Singers, They Might Be Giants, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Concord Dawn, Arvo Part, the Dismemberment Plan, the Tenth Key, MF Doom, and the National. I also like to watch Pete & Pete and the NASA channel for constant inspiration.

My equipment never works. I just played the Black Cat last week, and I was psyching myself up for it, like, “This is your Big Break, man! Black Cat! Make sure everything’s in order!” I had this big, impressive poster of my smiling face that I was going to put up behind me bit by bit as my song started, but everything broke immediately, and so I had to explain my piece of performance art to the audience. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I try and lump it under some sort of Punk Rock Ethos of equipment breaking and things sounding crappy, but we all know how well THAT works. No really, though, come see me play.

What are your songs about and what’s your favorite drink?

BAD BROTHER: The songs are about fighting and being a dude and manly stuff. My favorite drink is a tall glass of milk.

What’s your favorite tour memory and worst band squabble?

BAD BROTHER: My old band drove up to Delaware to play a couple shows, and we spent a night sleeping on the beach. We woke up, and the sun was coming up over the ocean. It was one of the most beautiful and moving things that has ever happened to me. We were also completely covered with hundreds of tiny crabs.

What’s your transpo and what’s the worst place you’ve ever dropped trou?

BAD BROTHER: As previously stated, my transpo is the exalted Buick LeSabre, née “The Slowjamz.” I never have to use the bathroom.

What are your current projects and political thoughts?

BAD BROTHER: Goat-herding.

What’s the stupidest move your singer ever pulled?

BAD BROTHER: Punchin’ myself in the face. CP

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