We called all D.C. foodies and some of you even answered! The “Google-Proof Dining Quiz” (2/9/2007) stumped many. Several contestants tied for the best score – 8 correct answers out of 20 – and we chose one of ’em at random.

Congratulations to Kathryn Wildt of Woodley Park, winner of $100 courtesy of the Washington City Paper. We hope that buys her a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant, unless that’s the Inn at Little Washington, in which case, she should save her pennies.

The quiz is closed, but we’ve supplied all the answers below.

1. What Columbia Road restaurant recently painted over the encouraging words “You Can Eat” that appeared on its sign?

A. Combinacion
B. Cashion’s Eat Place
C. Pepito’s Bakery
D. O’Tasty

2. Where does Downtown’s TenPenh procure its custom-made woks?

A. ravenrange.com
B. from a neighbor of chef Jeff Tunks
C. mail order from an artisan in Beijing
D. Da Hua in Chinatown

3. Where can you get huevos rancheros and a Verizon cell-phone package?

A. Don Juan
B. Don Jaime’s
C. Don Lobos
D. Don Pablo’s

4. What Dupont Circle joint offers foosball?

A. The Big Hunt
B. Bistrot du Coin
C. Cafe Citron
D. Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse

5-9. Match the Georgetown eatery with the message on its door:

5. Fettoosh E. GOCard accepted here
6. The Guards C. …And Our Flag Was Still There
7. La Chaumière A. nothing
8. Mie N Yu B. Proper Attire Required
9. Rhino Bar & Pumphouse D. Thank You For Not Smoking

10. Which Chinatown restaurant has never had animals hanging in its window?

A. Full Kee
B. Chinatown Express
C. Kam Fong Seafood

11. What’s the secret ingredient in the lasagna at U Street NW’s Oohhs & Aahhs?

A. cinnamon
B. tarragon
C. nutmeg
D. seasoned salt

12. Which tool isn’t used at either Café Atlántico or Minibar?

A. immersion circulator
B. Paco jet
C. blow-dryer
D. soda bottle

13. Which one of the following restaurants does not display a picture of Bill Clinton inside?

A. San Marco
B. Nam-Viet Pho 79
C. Szechuan Gallery
D. Charlie Palmer Steak

14. The review propped up on the counter of Mount Pleasant’s Adam Express begins:

A. Whenever I get the hankering…
B. Adam Express, a tiny, one-year-old…
C. Dear Clint Eastwood:
D. The bibimbap at Adam Express…

15. What might you pick up at Capitol Hill’s White Tiger along with a cup of mulligatawny?

A. a jar of house-made chutney
B. a doll with a dried-apple head
C. a spoonful of pillow mints
D. a piece of furniture

16. Which Southeast restaurant gives a 10 percent discount to D.C. cops?

A. New York Fried Chicken
B. Tropicana
C. King City Restaurant
D. Capital Szechuan

17. Which instruction is printed twice on the employee diagram hanging in the john at Johnny Rockets?

A. Correct bad breath.
B. Have clean shave.
C. Wear clean collar.
D. Clean fingernails.

18. Why did Mount Pleasant’s Raven Grill stop serving food?

A. The grill was repossessed in 1992.
B. The grill was destroyed in a fire in 2003.
C. The owner decided to close the grill in the early ’90s.
D. The Raven Grill never served food.

19. A picture of whom hangs by a fire alarm at Morty’s (formerly Krupin’s) Delicatessen in Tenleytown?

A. Sugar Ray Leonard
B. Arch Campbell
C. Judge Stanley Sporkin
D. Red Auerbach

20. How many times has Prime Rib owner Buzz Beler seen The Devil Wears Prada?

A. once
B. twice
C. three times
D. never