To reveal the rhythmatist, click on the face you suspect belongs to the tub-thumper. (And, no, it’s not Chumbawamba.)

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  • Tell us which band member will be fired, and why. Or…
  • Tell us something we need to know about the photo.

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LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY BAND (Click link to refresh your memory.)

Our old pal Chris Murphy writes, “I don’t know if he is the drummer, but the guy in the upper right picture will die an untimely death due to the fact he is giving himself the ‘Reverse Evil Eye.’” Ouch! Whatta way to go!

“Nerdvana!” shouts our old pal Kip Shepherd. “Seriously,” he adds, “these guys really need to take the Klaatu/Residents route and never allow any photographs to be taken ever again. The guy on the bottom is going to be first to quit. His bangs don’t cover half of his face yet and he can’t take the pressure.”

As always, too true. Because the band in question was the aptly named FOPP TARTS. Well, they are from the U.K., after all.

On Sunday, Feb. 18, Mr. Robbie Bachman will be takin’ care of business. On this site, the BTO basher weighs in on a controversy over his brother Randy’s autobiography and the band Trooper. Li’l bro kinda takes sides against big bro. Interesting.

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