in his letter, “do it for the children,” (3/2/07) Tom Orange wagged his bony finger and scolded those of us who live in Montgomery County to swallow our cod liver oil. True, the subject of his pissant little nag was the absurd system of liquor distribution in MoCo, but the intent was the same: Don’t complain about a lousy, unfair situation, because it’s good for you, whether you like it or not.

The fact is that it costs more to get a decent bottle of booze in MoCo than it does in the District or Virginia. Worse, the market is dominated by county-run liquor stores where the employees may be nice, but they don’t know anything about what they sell. I’ve been told more than once by the clerks in those stores that they did not know whether a particular bottle of wine was good or not because they “don’t drink wine.” In other words, in Montgomery County-run liquor stores we enjoy high prices and lousy service, but hey, the extra revenue goes to the general tax fund, along with our already high property taxes. Whoopee!

By the way, Mr. Orange, maybe if you got your clueless ass into MoCo once in a while, you’d find that we’re not all, “the well-heeled elite.” I moved to Silver Spring because I could not afford a decent place in the District.

Remember that the next time you slither out of your home and onto U Street, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in D.C.

Nick Green
Silver Spring

Remember the Google

i appreciate dave mckenna giving t.c. williams (my alma mater) lots of ink in his story (“In the Years A.D.,” 3/2) about how its new and politically well-connected athletic director has contributed to the successes of the school’s athletic teams. Mr. McKenna incorrectly states in his article that in the 1971 Virginia state championship football game (glorified by the movie Remember the Titans) that T.C. Williams defeated William Fleming High School of Roanoke, Va. T.C. did indeed win that title but their opponent happened to be Andrew Lewis High School of Salem, Va. The game itself was played in Roanoke.

Dave, let’s get the facts better than Disney did in Remember The Titans. That’s what Google is for.

Dan Wittenberg

City Paper Responds: Read the sentence in question again: “That squad was as strong on the basketball court as the 1971 football squad—the one that inspired the movie Remember the Titans—was on the gridiron, going undefeated and taking the title game against William Fleming of Roanoke by 32 points.” The Fleming bit actually refers to the 1977 T.C. Williams basketball team, not the famous football team.