To reveal the rhythmatist, click on the face you suspect belongs to the tub-thumper. (And, no, it’s not Chumbawamba.)

How to win a T-shirt:

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  • Tell us which band member will be fired, and why. Or…
  • Tell us something we need to know about the photo.

Answer any or all of those questions to our satisfaction and a stylin’ T-shirt is yours. E-mail your best guess to

LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY BAND (Click link to refresh your memory.)

We are stymied as to why nobody recognized MINT IVE. After all, the band’s “self-financed release has sold to date over 500 copies in Nottingham.” Perhaps Robin Hood stole all the rest?

Interesting contrast in drummer birthdays this week. Born on the same day, March 20, were mega-percussionist Carl Palmer, the P in ELP. And drum minimalist Slim Jim Phantom, the P in Stray Cats. Drum battle!

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