Credit: (Photograph by Darrow Montgomery)

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Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Interfaith Chapel

Catholic Pastor: The Rev. Robert Marciano (Lt. Col., Rhode Island Air National Guard)

Attendance: 24

Service Length: 30 minutes

Sample Worshipper Dress: Gray zip-up hoodie, green shorts, sneakers

Faiths Represented: Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Protestant Christianity

Weddings Conducted Since 1994: Three

Congregational Fervor: People weren’t exactly sprinting across the terminal to attend Reagan National’s noon Catholic Mass, but a healthy crowd of travelers and employees eventually filled up the tiny room. Luckily, the service was going to demand much of their time. “It’s a long one today,” said Marciano. “I’m going to have you for at least 20 minutes.”

Food for the Soul: Lent may be a somber season, but that didn’t stop Marciano from dropping a few one liners during Palm Sunday service. “I’ll tell you what; I’ll do Jesus,” joked Marciano while trying to scare up volunteers for the reading of the Passion. “One time this other guy says to me, ‘Why can’t I do Jesus?’” he continued. “I tell him, ‘It’s got a bad ending, I’m warning you.’”

Food for the Body: No food or drinks were available after the service—unless you’re in the mood for California Pizza Kitchen. Other post-service dining options are behind security checkpoints, unavailable without a boarding pass.

Overall Worship Power: This is the final installment of Service Industry, but remember this, faithful readers: Next time you’re idling in an airport newsstand, you’re missing an opportunity for spiritual growth. “Consider the types of people coming through our airports. They are from every country on the earth. They have time to reflect and think about spiritual things,” reads the chapel’s Web site. “Just having a place to be quiet and pray might be life changing.”