To reveal the rhythmatist, click on the face you suspect belongs to the tub-thumper. (And, no, it’s not Chumbawamba.)

How to win a T-shirt:

  • Tell us the name of the band. Or…
  • Tell us which band member will quit the band, and why. Or…
  • Tell us which band member will be fired, and why. Or…
  • Tell us something we need to know about the photo.

Answer any or all of those questions to our satisfaction and a stylin’ T-shirt is yours. E-mail your best guess to

LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY BAND (Click link to refresh your memory.)

The Man From the Future returned to offer this cryptic note:

“His dancing isn’t very good, but Randy sure can sing. He sings well enough to even let him continue to wear that stupid hat onstage. Though a problem when we dine out, Randy’s uncontrollable flatulence at the sound of the word ‘cheese’ makes for a comical, albeit toxic, photo shoot.”

No question. Old pal Andrew Wiseman was stumped: “They look like some kind of jammy college band,” he said, offering, “O.A.R?” No, not O.A.R.

Andrew wrote back: “I keep wanting to say 311, but I don’t think it’s them.” No, not them, either. Finally, Andrew became insistant:

“It looks like the guy with the blue shirt has a shell necklace. I bet it’s hemp. To me, that equals lame college band/jammy frat dudes. And since Dave Matthews isn’t in that picture, the next most jammy frat dudiest bands are 311 and O.A.R. Now after all that, I bet it’s actually some cool band I like.”

We’re not sure how wide Andrew’s musical tastes range, but he’d need to book a flight to Slovenia to enjoy RED FIVE POINT STAR, who play the “dirty ska.” As if there’s any other kind?

Speaking of jammy, Bill Kreutzmann‘s long strange trip enters its 62nd year on Saturday, April 7. Sadly, that same day would have marked Bruce Gary’s 55th, but the Knack drummer died last year. On a happier note, there must be 50 ways to say happy birthday to Steve Gadd on Sunday, April 9. But when did Steve become a doctor?

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