Credit: Illustration by Max Kornell

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The scene: Grapeseed Bistro in Bethesda goes through a lot of wine on any given day, and at the end of the evening shift, one server has the honor of dumping all the empty bottles into the recycling container, which is located in the alley, right in the shadow of the Triangle Towers. “It’s a racket,” says chef/owner Jeff Heineman. “Have you ever heard 50 bottles being throw in [a Dumpster]?…It’s glass against glass, some breaking and most of it just jingling off each other. It’s loud enough to wake you up, even if you’re 10 stories up.”

It’s also happening at 11:30 at night, which tends to piss off some residents at the Triangle. They used to bitch from their balconies, Heineman remembers. But once, for about a two-week period, they got revenge instead. “They went out and spent a $1.59 on a dozen eggs and made their displeasure known,” the chef says. “A dozen or so eggs [would] rain down from the apartment building above us, landing on or about whoever’s dumping the bottles, so you kind of [had] to run the gauntlet.”

The solution: Nothing. “I don’t have to take the bottles out,” the chef deadpans. “That’s why there’s always a new server on staff, so they can run the gauntlet. And, of course, you wouldn’t let them know [about the situation]. It’s always best to let them go out there and find out the hard way that eggs might rain down on them.”