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STANDOUT TRACK: No. 10, “Exploit Yourself,” a trashy, thrashy Cramps-style jungle romp that begins with a sample of bad porn-movie dialogue and musically nods to “What a Girl Can’t Do,” by ’60s D.C. proto-punks the Hangmen. “It was meant purely as an homage,” says the tune’s author, singer, and drummer, Brian D. Horrorwitz (né Horowitz). “Hence the last line of the song: ‘Steal a cool riff and dangle naked from a cliff.’ ”

MUSICAL MOTIVATION: The song’s gleeful obnoxiousness was born of the Frederick resident’s frustration in “dealing with so many stick-in-the-muds and political correctos” in D.C. More specifically, it was “partially inspired by a sexploitation actress I know who I believe was somewhat reamed by some of the people in the entertainment industry.” Lyrics such as “Show off some leg and make ’em beg and exploit yourself/But don’t call it quits, show us your tits and exploit yourself” are a “secret message from us to her to hopefully inspire her to do it for herself.” Horrorwitz, 42, views “Exploit Yourself” as “a pro-feminism song, suggesting the idea that one can be sexual without being sexist.”

LET’S GET IT ON: Horrorwitz says the song always goes over well live, “especially with the chanting parts” (“Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!”). The command to “sing along with us” also works, he says. “People can’t help but join in,” he notes, then boasts, “I don’t blame them.” The next opportunity to chant along is Friday, April 20, at Baltimore’s Sidebar Tavern.