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I was trying to contact Jason Cherkis to praise his reporting on the Virginia Tech shooting (“The Night After,” 4/20). I especially liked the fact that you showed how callous some of the media have been on this. My family and I have been on the victims’ end when an uncle of mine was murdered, and our experiences from that have helped me be a more tactful reporter. Using tact and compassion to talk to someone whose loved one has just died has netted far more interviews than it has cost me.

Angela Tant
News Editor, The Pulse
Chattanooga, Tenn.

Dave Mckenna: Not Sexy

Re: Dave McKenna’s quote that “Anybody who gets enough exposure will eventually become a sex symbol. To wit: Clay Aiken and Sanjaya leave women weeping despite exuding less testosterone than a tutu” (Cheap Seats, “Stretch Comedy,” 4/20).

I can’t pass an opinion on Sanjaya, but Clay Aiken? The subscribers of In Style magazine have chosen him “Sexiest Singer” three years in a row. I have no idea how many subscribers In Style has, but I would venture a guess that the majority of them are female and a better judge of what women find sexy than Dave McKenna.

And speaking of exposure, Dave McKenna has a regular column and gets a lot of exposure. Is he considered a sex symbol? Didn’t think so.

Judi Radcliff
Parkersburg, W.Va.