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1792 Columbia Road NW

Closed: March 29

Reopened: April 12

History: No citations listed in city records dating back to 2000

Health Department Says: Failing to minimize the presence of insects, rodents, and other pests on the premises; person in charge not a certified food protection manager

Business Says: Don’t worry—no rats, just mice. In late March, the TV show Inside Edition filmed footage of what it identified as rats scampering across Mixtec’s dining-room floor. On March 29, before the video even aired, the health department came to shut down the Adams Morgan Mexican restaurant—only the eatery was already closed for renovations. Owner Pepe Montesinos says he has a pest-control specialist come in every Monday. And the mice—not rats, he says—come in from outside; they don’t live at Mixtec, which, he says, makes a difference. “We never have any problem with the mice,” he says. “There is a problem in the alley, not here.” A waitress says a cleaner figured out how the mice get in after he caught one playing on the floor one recent morning. When the cleaner walked into the room, the mouse squeezed out through a pinky-sized gap in the door. “The mouse and rat are elastic,” the waitress says.