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STANDOUT TRACK: No. 2, “The Gardens After Lockout,” a keyboard-driven love song with a falsetto break that James Blunt would envy. The chorus shifts from Britpop to rock, as vocalist-­guitarist Jeff Wharen belts out, “If you would stay/I could float right out this window…All I want to know is you’re around.”

MUSICAL MOTIVATION: Keyboardist Mike Beach, 29, wrote the first draft of the lyrics, though he emphasizes that the entire band had a hand in the song. The Mt. Pleasant resident wrote it as a paean to a woman who stood by him despite his decision to pursue music professionally. “Going into a music career has no financial guarantees,” says Beach. “So the song is about making that decision and…as long as you are with me on it, it is going to be fine.”

TROY JUST A LITTLE BIT HARDER: The band felt that earlier versions of the song were too like Coldplay, so drummer Vijay Shanker roughed it up with a jagged beat, Beach recalls. “It has a little indie rock, a little Britpop, and a little modern rock, and that is the beauty of collaborative songwriting,” he says. The tune is the most subdued in No Second Troy’s repertoire, but he believes the crowd at the band’s May 19 record-release show at Iota won’t use it for a bathroom break. He says that fans look forward to Wharen’s vocal climb into the stratosphere. “The people who know the band and know Jeff’s singing ability stick around for that song.