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Standout Track: No. 10, “Orange Moon,” an elliptical, understated country-folk ballad about a woman contemplating, and perhaps being haunted by, the moon. “Now careful when you talk to the man in the moon,” vocalist-guitarist Mary Battiata sings. “He’s got a different face every night/And he knows full well who’s loving and who’s been true/But he won’t necessarily tell.”

Musical Motivation: Though Battiata explains via e-mail that she was “at least subliminally” thinking of Joan Baez’s recording of the murder ballad “Banks of the Ohio” while she wrote the song, “Orange Moon” also had a personal inspiration. Once during an evening walk around her Arlington neighborhood, she saw “one of those huge, strange, scary…moons” that sometimes appears, Battiata recalls. “[I]t was so huge that night it stuck with me wherever I went.” She was in an “end-of-relationship period” and was “thinking about talking to the moon, and it kind of went on from there—you know, whether…the moon could see everything, what are its loyalties, [and] what would it say.”

Fright Night: Even though Battiata spent more than a decade writing features as a staffer for the Washington Post Magazine, and she’s led Little Pink since 1999, she still gets antsy about doing interviews. How about performing live? “It doesn’t make me nervous anymore, but it did for a really long time,” she says. It helps to “get absorbed just in the sounds you’re making and the physical sensation of producing those sounds,” she says. “[I]f you’re doing that, then…you forget to be nervous.” Little Pink plays the Red and the Black Friday, May 25.