Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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How does D.C. influence your current style, sound, and writing of music? —Matthias Ochs, Darmstadt, Germany

People and places are key to my writing process. When I lived in New York City, my social life was more varied, due to the 24-hour nature of the city. Since the work force continues around the clock, I had acquaintances in different “shifts.” I tended to work in the late afternoon and into the evenings. D.C. is more 9-to-5 than most places I’ve lived, and I find myself spending most of my social time with others in the evening. Because of that, my work patterns have changed: I work during the mornings and afternoons. It’s not the kind of difference that would seem drastic, but it is, and in ways I don’t fully understand or recognize. Creating in sunlight hours is quite different from working in the dark.

In terms of sound, my once-monthly DJ night, Blowoff, at the 9:30 Club has had a big impact on my work. In 2002, people were suspicious of my newfound affection for club music. Five years later, I see the benefits of the gig. In order to keep the freshness of the event, I spend time every day searching for new music. It’s turned me back into the huge fan I was in my early days. The selection and sequencing of club music is a different way to create a mood and tell a story, which informs my own work. It’s not always the obvious that makes an impact. The sum total of all events is what shapes the work. —Bob Mould

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